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SPS is a Chevrolet Performance Authorized Reseller

Engine Packages


Southern Performance System’s ProStreet Series engines are entry-level Turnkey Engine Packages designed for anyone that is building a Pro Street/Pro Touring vehicle that they plan to use for everyday use or the “weekend” racer. Our ProStreet Series packages comes with a LS Series engine, transmission, factory accessories, Custom Engine Management Harness, ECMs with programming, Speciality Oil Pan, and other misc items.

Street Rod

Southern Performance System's Street Rod Series is perfect for Street Rods with limited space under the hood. Our Street Rod Series Turnkey Packages come complete with Billet Aluminum Serpentine Kit, Wire Harness, ECM and more. The billet aluminum serpentine Kit has a maximum width of 22.75 inches from the outside of the passenger side AC compressor to the outside edge of the Power Steering mini-reservoir.


Southern Performance System’s SPSeries are our Premium Turnkey Engine Packages designed for the Hot Rod Enthusiast who is building their dream hot rod. Our SPSeries engine packages are fully customizable from the simpler engine/transmission package with a billet aluminum serpentine system to our incredible and unique custom designed engine/transmission packages with every option imaginable.

Connect & Drive

Our LS Series Connect and Drive Packages include the our most popular engines. Packages come complete with engine, transmission, and engine management system.


Chevrolet Performance pioneered the high-performance crate engine half a century ago and they never stopped working to offer enthusiasts new and more powerful solutions for their projects.

Chevrolet Performance
Connect & Cruise

With Chevrolet's Connect and Cruise Crate Powertrain System, all the hard work, designing and calibrating the ECM has already been done for optimal compatibility and performance.

Chevrolet Performance
E-Rod Systems

Chevrolet Performance's LS-Series and LT-Series E-Rod systems balance power with emission equipment designed to help vehicles meet the increasingly stringent emission requirements. Each E-ROD crate engine system carries an official California Air Resources Board (CARB) E.O. number.