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Southern Performance System's SPSeries Customs


Southern Performance System’s SPSeries are our Premium Turnkey Engine Packages designed for the Hot Rod Enthusiast who is building their dream hot rod. Our SPSeries engine packages are fully customizable from the simpler engine/transmission package with a billet aluminum serpentine system to our incredible and unique custom designed engine/transmission packages with every option imaginable. Some of these options include custom painted engines, polished aluminum heads, chrome accessories, and much more.

Each of our SPSeries packages comes with a LS Series engine, transmission, billet accessories (AC, Power Steering, Alternator, etc), Custom Engine Management Harness, Custom ECMs with programming, and other misc items.

Our SPSeries engines have become the signature engine choice within the Hot Rod industry. If you're looking for something that is not as extravagant then please check out our ProStreet Engine Packages.


SPSerieS Turnkey Package

Southern Performance Systems is known for its truely complete turnkey engine packages. Our SPSeries packages takes turnkey to the next level, from the engine to polished hidden coil valve covers to custom paint. If you can dream it up, we can generally make it happen.

Our SPSeries packages begin with the simple things:

-New GM Crate Engine (LS3, LS427, LSx, etc.)

-Custom Wiring Harness

-Engine Control Module

-Engine Control Module Programming

-MAF Meter

-Oxygen Sensors

Once you've decided on a base engine then the fun really begins. Pick and choose your options like a kid in a candy store. Here are a few common options to help your SPSeries engine really stand out:

-Tunnel Ram Intake

-Fuel Injection Stack System

-Magnuson Superchargers

-Whipple Superchargers

-Polished or Painted Drive by Wire Throttle Body

-Performance CNC Heads

-Comp Cams Camshaft

-Stainless Steel Headers

-ProStreet Serpentine Kit

-Billet Aluminum Serpentine Kit

-Custom Engine and Transmission Paint Scheme

-Custom 2-piece Hidden Coil Aluminum Valve Covers

-Polished/Chrome Alternator

-Polished/Chrome A/C Compressor

-Polished/Chrome Water Neck

-Polished/Chrome Factory Valve Covers

-Polished/Chrome Valley Cover

-Polished/Chrome Oil Pan

-Polished/Chrome Timing Cover

-Polished Aluminum Heads

-Pedal Assembly

-ARP Head Bolts

-ARP Main Bolts

-ARP Rod Bolts

-ARP Stainless Steel Bolt Kits

-ARP Black Anodized Bolt Kit

-Many Items Available with Anodized, Polished, or Chrome Finishes

Custom Engine Builds with Horsepower ranging from 400 to 1000.

All that horsepower has to get to the ground somehow. The question is will it be going through an automatic or manual transmission? We offer the best transmissions available from GM and Tremec.

4-Speed Automatics Transmissions with Overdrive

-SuperMatic 4L65E

-SuperMatic 4L70E

-SuperMathc 4L75E

-Heavy Duty SuperMatic 4L85E

6-Speed Automatics Transmissions



8-Speed Automatic Transmissions for LT Series Engines


Manual Transmission

-Tremec T-56 Super Magnum 6-Speed

-Tremec TKO600 5-Speed

Our SPSeries Custom Engine Packages have custom prices. Let us build the engine of your dreams. Call us at 678-482-0866 to see what we can do for you.