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The LS Engine is the engine of choice among the Muscle Car/Hot Rod community. Not only do you get plenty of horse power but great fuel economy to go with it. We can provide you with a 500 Horse Power Engine, that runs of pump gas, which you can drive every day, race on the weekends, take on long trips & get mileage in the 20's. Add a Supercharger or Turbo to an engine & still maintain its drivability ad reliability. Add in a few suspension & brake upgrades and you will have changed your Classic into a reliable & dependent car that you can drive anywhere while maintaining that classic car look.

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The choices include LS1-LS2-LS3-LS7 in GM's Automotive Line and 5.3L-6.0L-L92-L9H for GM's Truck Line. The GM Performance Line offers the 480 & 525 Horse Power LS3s plus the LSx 376 and the LSx 454. Also available are the LSA and LS9 Supercharged engines. Horse power options for the factory and performance LS engines range from 300 to 665. SPS offers custom builds using aluminum block and the more serious LSx block. We have LS engines that make over 1,000 horse power when outfitted with a Supercharger. The new 8-Stack Fuel Injection systems are now available, as well as, the 8-Stack Cross Ram system. For the budget-minded, there are some good used take-out engine available at great prices.

We take pride in our detailed and painted engines that can be customized per your request. We offer these engines with the color of your choice, chromed or polished components, polished or black anodized ARP bolt kits & much more. SPS is the only engine company that offers beautifully customized and painted LS engines. SPS is here to help match you to the correct engine for your needs.

The choices for transmissions include
Engine/Trans  Installation  Kits

When converting from an older small or big block Chevy, SPS offers a few different choices for doing an installation. We offer complete engine and transmission kits that are tried and proven (as shown to the right). Some of these kits require minor tunnel modifications. We also offer engine plates that allow for a more custom fit and are for performance & handling and not so much for the do it DIY person. Our kits come complete with all mounts, brackets, cross member, and bolts.

Engine  Harnesses &

SPS offers custom engine and transmission harnesses that include the correct OEM connectors, some added features, & no extra clutter that is not needed. Each harness is tested prior to shipping for quality control. We offer custom programming for LS Series ECMs. We use factory GM ECMs that work great and are more reliable then aftermarket units. IF a problem should happen, these ECMs can be serviced by a GM dealer. The early LS engines use a single PCM (Powertrain Control Module) while the '05 and later LS setups require both a ECM (Engine Control Module) and a TCM (Transmission Control Module). With the exception of the LS1, all LS engines require a Drive-by-Wire electronic pedal. For our 8-Stack system, we provide a Holley HP system for manual transmission setups and a Holley Dominator controller for automatic transmissions.

Steering  Columns &

We can swap out stock factory columns that have column shifters to smooth aftermarket columns and install a floor shifter with or without a center console.

Power  Steering

SPS can upgrade your steering box from a 16:1 ratio to a quick steer box offering a 12:1 ratio. The 12:1 ratio gives you a lock to lock of 2.5 turns. We can also convert your car to a new rack and pinion with all new lines and fittings.


We custom build driveshafts to length depending on the type of transmission that is used. Some of the newer transmissions have a fixed yoke and require a special splined driveshafts that "slips" in the middle.

Fuel  Systems

You will have to upgrade your existing fuel systems with for a LS Conversion. There are 2 options to choose from: Option 1-In-tank fuel system or Option 2-Use your existing fuel tank and run a external fuel pump setup known as a rail system. Both setups work great but if you are in need of a fuel tank, then SPS recommends the in-tank pump setup. Fuel delivery is very important for supercharged and high horse power engines. SPS can help design and supply the correct fuel delivery system for your needs.

Exhaust  Systems &

We custom build new exhaust systems for each model vehicle and engine. The sound will depend on what mufflers the customer chooses. We also offer electronic cut outs.

In most cases, custom headers will be required instead of factory headers for frame clearance. We also offer headers that are designed to be used with our high horsepower engines. Headers are available in full-length and 3/4 length headers.

Gauges &  Dash

We can convert your existing gauge cluster to work with your LS Conversion. We offer dash upgrades that are all electronic and designed to work in the stock dash panels when available. This helps to keep the classic original look while still using modern technology. Gauges setups are offered in analog or digital.

Air  Condition  Systems

Southern Performance Systems offers Air Condition System upgrades for most cars and trucks using Vintage Air systems. We can upgrades your existing system or install A/C in your non-A/C vehicle. It will look like it was installed at the factory and provide excellent heat and cooling.


The LS engine requires modern cooling technology. We offer bolt-in units for classic rides. For most vehicles, we use double pass radiations with electric cooling fans and thermostat control units. The radiators are available with transmission fluid coolers built-in. These units also work well with vehicles equipped with A/C units.

Ls  Retro-fit  Conversion
Rear  Ends

Most of the older classics come with tall gears and a single pull axle. When doing a conversion, you need to take this into consideration, especially if you are installing a high horse power engine package. The new transmissions come with an overdrive and these do not perform well with tall gears and with only one wheel pulling vs two with a limited slip rear end.

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Be Sure to Check Out
1969 Camaro LS3 Retro-Mod
1970 El Camino LS3 Retro-Mod
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